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Founding Objective And History

the inauguration ceremonyThe national committees are non-government organizations established to support UNIFEM's mission. UNIFEM officially acknowledges one national committees per country. There are 16 national committees globally.
As early as 1975, many Japanese women's groups participated in the World Conference on Women held in Mexico City. After the conference, a liaison group "International Women's Year Liaison Group" was formed. With the seeds of an idea to create a national committee for UNIFEM in Japan, the liaison group, collaborating with the Yokohama City Women's Association and Kita-kyushu Forum on Asian Women, launched the 13th National Committee for UNIFEM in Japan.
In November 1992, the inauguration ceremony was held at the United Nations University in Tokyo. The ceremony was attended by Julie Andrews, UNIFEM's Goodwill Ambassador, pictured with the president of the Japan National Committee, Ms.Mitchiko Nakamura(current Honorary President).
Since then, for over 15 years, Japan National Committee has supported UNIFEM's mission, to promote women's empowerment and gender equality, as well as advancing the economic capacity of women in developing countries. UNIFEM Japan has worked steadily to contribute to the international community and the goal of a more gender-equal society.
The National committee for UNIFEM, Japan has been legally accredited as a Special Non-Profit Organization.

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